This website is dedicated to all those horses who fought in battle.

Especially those who taught us to dance the wind.


We look at a flower and say that it is beautiful.

We watch the sun rise and set and say that is breathtake'ng.

We sniff the beautiful scents of Spring and say this is wonderful.

We see a hawk circle'ng far above us and say this is majesty.

But, my friend, what do we say to you who dance beneath us and lift our souls

to Heaven through joys we never knew existed?

poem by D.Clarke

We will attempt to look at these horses in chronological order. However, history being what it is, the exact chronological order may be as elusive as the exact breed statistics. Therefore, what you are witnessing in these pages is my scholarly rich guess augmented by the Encyclopedia Americana and the Illustrated Oxford Dictionary. Information will be updated or added to this site as it becomes available. Left click on the purple ribbon will take you to an on-line petition you can sign against the cruel slaughter of horses. Some pages take longer than others to load due to intensive graphics and music, it's worth the wait.

The others; horses, dogs, birds, or other not listed who fought with us in battle, are not diminished because we do not look at them here, but deserve equal praise and honor.

The purple ribbon is linked to a petition for humane treatment of animals.
The "Say Neigh!" button is linked to a site about Premarin.

A memorial to Chuck Grant, Father of American Dressage

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Military Train
The Rail


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Music is an excerpt from "The Minstrel Boy" played by James Galway from his CD "The Celtic Minstrel" (RCA Victor)

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